Refund Policy

Like all the responsible and professional interactive marketing companies in our field, we at Web Media King also do not provide any refunds or money back guarantees. The users should not that search engine robots behave can change the ranking algorithms of the major search engines. This is out of our control. However, we ensure and guarantee that we will optimize your website by adhering to the legal and latest search engine optimization white hat techniques. We can ensure a noticeable increase in your website ranking.

Non-payment of the due monthly fees and payment

We would like to make it clear that in case of nonpayment of the due payment and fees, we will not be providing our services. In that case, the responsibility of non-delivery of the work will entirely be of the client and not ours.

Cancellation policy

At Web Media King we follow a transparent cancellation policy. You should send your cancellation requests to our billing department or account manager. But the cancellation request should be made only when the project has not already started. Once the project has been started after the go-ahead signal from the client, cancellation request from the clients will not be entertained.

Refund policy

Web Media King cannot guarantee any refunds upon cancellation because of the nature of our services. We do not make claims regarding guarantees just on the basis of rankings/traffic etc. We will not be responsible for any refund claims about that.

We do not make any promise any refunds for cancellation of the services. We will take the action on the basis of the contract that was signed between Web Media King and the client. There will be no refund of the money we spent on search engines, delivered services and other miscellaneous charges.

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